Four Winds Summer Gathering

The Four Winds summer gathering “ONE IS OUR EARTH” 25.-28.7.2019

PLACE OF THE EVENT: Lappeenranta, at Marjola holiday resort by the lake of Saimaa, Eastern Finland. Place is easily reachable by public transportation (train, bus). The entire place is reserved for Four Winds only.

Rainbow Eagle (USA): Seventh Fire Peace Shield teachings
Mary Rainbow Snake Woman (USA): Native American beadwork
Ragnhildur Jónsdóttir (ICELAND): Fairy folk and Earth spirits of Iceland
Charles Lawrence (USA) : Inner journey with Grandfather of the Four Winds
Swami Atmananda Puri (INDIA): Sacred Hawan Ceremony
Swamini Anuradha Puri (INDIA): Morning circles, Veda Art with children


Daily program will be published closer to the event. Each guest will have his/her own day. Daily tickets also available.

Program will also have space for free time – sauna every day, swimming in the lake, communicating and sharing with others, Sacred Circles, drumming, singing, dancing, celebrating life and our precious Mother Earth.

PRICES (includes accommodation, meals and program for all days)

For Four Winds members (adult):

-Accommodation indoors (3-4 persons in the same hotel room) 340 euros
-Camping (in your own tent) 220 euros.

For non-members (adult):

– Indoors 370 euros
– Camping 250 euros

Possibility to book sleeping place in our half-platoon tent if you don’t have your own tent.

Rooms will be reserved in registration order, so gather your friends and be quick to register.

-Daily tickets 100 euros

2-12 years old – 110 euros
13-16 years old – 190 euros

Indoors/hotel accommodation with parents
2-12 years old – 150 euros
13-16 years old – 280 euros

Children under 2 years for free.


Send e-mail to and tell us:
– Your name
– Contact information ( e-mail, phone number)
– Do you have any allergies – food is mostly vegetarian, might also have fish.
– Do you have any diseases etc. which organizers should be aware of in case of emergency
– Accommodation wishes – who is your roommate if you arrive with friend or children

Payment here:
Information is only in finnish, but you will find right one based on the price, which are all different. Check your price above, and find that same amount from web shop options.

If you wish to join Four Winds and get your membership, you will need to pay membership fee. It is for calender year 2019.

20 euros/year for adults
10 euros/year for students, pensioners and unemployed.

From web shop it can be found under ”jäsenmaksu”. After paying, you are allowed to pay your camp fee as a member of Four Winds. No other information of membership needed.


No alcohol or drugs are allowed on our camp.
Changes in the program are possible.

For questions and more information, please contact:
Facebook: Saila Anttila
Phone/WhatsApp: Virko Kolulahti +358-45-272 4003

Four Winds web pages:



Podcast Episode 3: Power of Music

One is Our Earth – episode 3: POWER OF MUSIC (19.4.2019) 62min

Featuring voices by: Tuomas Rounakari, Hanna Rajakangas, Ringa Koskinen, Charles Lawrence, VJ Tuulinen Kaaos. Interviewers: Kalle Kuisma ja Meri Hietala.


journalistic editor: Kalle Kuisma, Sisko Pajari, Meri Hietala
editing: Kalle Kuisma ja Sisko Pajari
sound design: Kalle Kuisma

production crew

Kalle Kuisma, Sisko Pajari & Virko Kolulahti
Four Winds / Korppiradio

music & soundscapes

Tuomas Rounakari: Kutsu
Tuomas Rounakari: Call of the Earth
Tuomas Rounakari:Procession
Tuomas Rounakari: Langetus
Duo Hurme: Höga Visan
Charles Lawrence: Return to the Earth
Klava: Sillat
Munnaripartio: (nimetön)

Ferkessedougou, Argile Tour 2007
Pierre Gauthier: appel à la priére,dinangourou

meisterjaan: shaman’s drum
inchadney: thunderstorm
Martin.Sadoux: Africa, Burkina Faso , in the north. Wind and birds in the bushes.
EpicWizard: Morning in Eastern South Africa captured with Sony M10.
LukeIRL: People gather in a hindu temple, Udaipur for a ceremony that involves a lot of singing
woodflutes: native american style flute in a
andre-onate: indra-slice
andre-onate: indra-call

Four Winds movie night

Two wonderful films will be shown on the One is Our Earth – movie night in Malmitalo, Helsinki on Thursday 28th March at 18:00.

Journey (Matka, Suomi/Venäjä 2007) by Lehmuskallio and Lapsui takes place in Anastasia Lapsui’s home land, Northern nomadic Nenetsia. The documentary tells a story from a womb to death. Not many words are needed, the black and white film is carried by music by Anna-Kaisa Liedes and soundscapes by Peter Nordström.

Hundred Drums by Ville Tanttu was filmed in the Four Winds 20th anniversary summer event.

After the films there is time for discussion. Markku Lehmuskallio and Anastasia Lapsui are present.

No age limit. Tickets 7 eur. In advance from

ONE IS OUR EARTH – EXTRA (25.3.2019) 17mins

In the special edition of the One is Our Earth podcast series Markku Lehmuskallio and Anastasia Lapsui talk about their life and introduce their film “Journey”. Charles Lawrence tells how he met Anastasia and Markku on the the Four Winds camp in Inari.

photo: Virko Kolulahti

Warmly welcome to Four Winds movie night

Podcast 2: Community

ONE IS OUR EARTH – part 2: Community and Personal Transformation (20.3.2019) 55min

The second episode was published on the Spring Equinox day 20.3.2019 and features voices by Charles Lawrence, Virko Kolulahti, Anastasia Lapsui, Markku Lehmuskallio sekä Swamini Anuradha.

work group

translation: Elina Mäkilä
narration: Hanna Kaisa Vainio, Meri Hietala
journalistic editor: Sisko Pajari
editing: Kalle Kuisma ja Sisko Pajari
sound design: Kalle Kuisma

production crew

Kalle Kuisma, Sisko Pajari & Virko Kolulahti
Four Winds / Korppiradio

text paragraphs

Kiamars Baghbani: Kansantarujen iättömyydestä
Tarina Zähakista
From the book Neljän tuulen tiet (2007)

music and sounscapes

Charles Lawrence: Gaia
Charles Lawrence: Rhea

Nikolaj de Haan: Hemis Monastery, Ladakh

meisterjaan: shaman’s drum
inchadney: thunderstorm
inchadney: fireplace
xserra: santur (played by Peyman Heydarian)
xserra: bendir
xserra: arab-group-2
xserra: kerala
xserra: stockholm-parade
woodflutes: native american style flute in a
andre-onate: indra-slice
andre-onate: indra-call
kevp888: india-puja
kevp888: india-varanasi
kevp888: india-agra
calcuttan: tropical orchard in spring
calcuttan: kali-temple-soundscape
calcuttan: crows-of-calcutta
calcuttan: immersion-procession
calcuttan: flautist-mundiali

ONE IS OUR EARTH – Podcast 1

YKSI ON MAA – episode 1: PLANET (19.2.2019) 41min

This first episode of the ONE IS OUR EARTH podcast series features voices by climate specialist Tero Toivanen, plus the Four Winds elders Markku Lehmuskallio, Anastasia Lapsui and Charles Lawrence. Languages: Finnish, Russian (translated to Finnish), English.


translation: Elina Mäkilä
narrators: Hanna Kaisa Vainio, Meri Hietala
journalistic editor: Sisko Pajari
sound design and editing: Kalle Kuisma

production crew

Kalle Kuisma, Sisko Pajari & Virko Kolulahti
Four Winds / Korppiradio

text paragraphs

Johannes Setälä: Samaanien Kalevala
from the book Neljän tuulen tiet (2007)

music and soundscapes

Tuomas Rounakari: Kutsu
Hopi Indian Chanters : Chant of the Eagle Dance
Charles Lawrence: I Send a Cry
Charles Lawrence: Return to the Earth

Pablo Salatin: Svalbard, Temple Fjord
A small wind flute shrine in memory of a storm we survived and others things
Vincent Duseigne: Brugge station
Wu.Tsan-Cheng: 復興路421號,Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City
Sylvia Shale: Lost Maples State Park, TX, USA
Lost Maples – Can Creek Pipe
John Hopkins: neoscenes: Echo Park campfire
speltier: Seymour Valley Trailway

Spring equinox drum circles

Information about Spring equinox drum circles coming up!


Tervetuloa Kevätpäiväntasauksen rumpupiiriin Gitan luo Otalammelle, Vakkamäentie 219.
klo 21-01.

Pukinkangas, Iitti (Pukinkankaan laavu)

Keskiviikkona 20. maaliskuuta 2019 klo 23.00 – 1.00 UTC+02

Hämeenlinnan rumpupiiri

Kevätpäiväntasauksen juhla 20.3.2019 klo 18:00 – 01:00!!
Lunnikiven mökki, Hämeenlinna

Ilmoittautumiset ja lisätiedot:
Juha – 040 868 5549 / juha(at)

Tammisaaren rumpupiiri

Kevätpäiväntasauksen juhla
Villa Christine, Tenhola

Keskiviikkona 20.3.2019 klo 18.00- 00.30

Oulunkylä, Helsinki

Teinintie 8, 00640 Helsinki

Keskiviikkona 20. maaliskuuta 2019 klo 22.00 – 1.00

Ruotsinpyhtää – Strömfors

Alk. Klo 18 – 01
Pyhä Sauna klo 19
Rummutus, jne klo 21

I would like to gather folk together for a sacred evening of drumming, singing, eating, maybe dancing – and sacred sauna/sweat.

Drumming our prayers, sweating our prayers. Giving thanks for Mother Earth, for the seeds we have planted and are planting in the next moon time. we will make our prayers all night for each other, for our families, our ancestors, our descendants and most especially for Mother Earth. We will also make sacred commitment to some change- some peaceful decisive action in our selves for our culture for our descendants and Mother Earth.

We will be Creating and joining in on a vibration set around the world. During last late autumn I had an urge to deepen into the seasons, the turning of the wheel, the moon tides. And while dreaming it and thinking on this, I do believe Mr. Charles Lawrence dreamt also – and Lo!! He sent it out. So many thanks Charlie! We join together with Four Winds Association (not related to the USa group), Shamanic Centre of Finland, and many, many drumming circles around the world for a Re-Sounding of heartfelt, womb-felt, magical Spirit and Earth Mother led shout of Joy and Thank full – ness.

Hopefully lots of laughter, meeting of familiar faces and new faces. Only requirements are that this is an alcohol- & drug-free zone; and those attending bring a rattle or drum.

We are going to gather at our place and collect our energy into one community and part of global community. From there we have Sacred Sauna at the village sauna from 19:00 – 21:00 (cold water swimming too! :-D) and move over to Strömfors Outdoor Factory for some sharing of food and drumming, singing, dancing and connecting from 21-01 latest. Afterwards, folk can return home or sleep over (see below).

Costs: the sauna and the space cost approximately 200-250 euros or so. This will be divided by those who attend as well as Donation for the Sweat (meaning take care of me please, too). There is no maximum number really – except sauna: 8-10 if close-up. Of course you can come and NOT go to sauna! You won’t be alone.

After drumming – well, maybe sleep! Bring your own breakfast. Coffee and tea, maybe Saskatoons 5€.
Bring a mattress if you want to sleep on the floor for 5€ (room for only 4 in one room first come first served).
I have some prices If you want a bed and shower, own kitchen or shared kitchen and really sweet accommodations – contact:

Jaakko Salmi puh +358 (0)50 5867 215:
1 vrk 2 hlön huoneistossa 45 eur / hlö
lisävuorokaudet 25 eur / hlö.
1 vrk 3 hlön huoneistoissa 35 eur / hlö
lisävuorokaudet 20 eur / hlö.

Petra Makkonen at Villa Vallaton puh: +358 (0)40 5255 858
4 hengen huone:
2 kerrossänkyä tai kerrossänky ja parivuode. 25€/hlö.
2-3 hengen huone 30€/hlö.
1 hengen huone 35€/hlö
1-2 hengen Huone omalla Wc:llä 40€/hlö.
Sviitti parisängyllä, oma wc ja suihku 80€/yö Pieni asunto piharakennuksessa sis. keittiö, suihku ja wc. 3 vuodetta 45€/hlö.
Hintaan sisältyy petivaatteet ja pyyhe.
Suihku, wc ja keittiö yhteiskäytössä jos ei muuten mainittu.

Noora Lintukangas at Strömfors Outdoor Factory:
4 x 2 hengen huone
1 x 2hh, jossa on kylpyhuone ja wc
2x 3hh
1 x 5hh
35 € / hlö / yö (omilla lakanoilla 30 €) (sis. alv)
Yhteensä siis 21 makuupaikkaa. Käytävällä on inva-wc ja suihku sekä miesten ja naisten wc-ja suihkutilat (2 vessaa ja yksi suihku kummassakin).
Lisätietoa löytyy myös täältä:
Ja täältä:


Indicate: Sacred Sauna yes or no; mattress on floor (I let you know if you get it) or other sleeping arrangements; drumming or not.

I will continue to post updates on this site: Fine-tuning!
Reservations for just being there the evening- by 05.03

Tampere, Mahdollisuuksien tila

Mitä: Shamanistinen rumpupiiri
Milloin: 20.3. klo 21-24
Missä: Mahdollisuuksien Tila, Selininkatu 5, 33240 Tampere
Maksu: Vapaaehtoinen kolehti


Call of the Winds

One is our Earth – Four Winds year 2019

The 23rd year of Four Winds has started with new ideas and a great power. This year’s theme is Earth, Emonen, Mother Earth, Our Blue Planet. We hope this will awaken in you the heartbeat that carries you and all your actions throughout this year.

  • The Annual Meeting is 15.2.2019 at 18 o’clock in Oulunkylä school, address: Teinintie 8 A, 00640 Helsinki. Welcome to join us!
  • Membership guidelines are at
    Your membership will support the work of Four Winds. Members will also receive discounts from event fees! Our membership fee is 20 € / person/year. If you are unemployed, a student or a senior citizen, the fee is 10 €/year.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what Four Winds really is? What is my relationship with Mother Earth?

The statement that started Four Winds 23 years ago makes me think about us and the reason why I do this work with great enthusiasm, open mind and heart. It was the message from Hopi grandmother Carolyn Tawangyama about an old prophecy that said: “A small group of people who overcome themselves will unite the profesies and bring back unity for all people.” Carolyn did her work for the people and for the creation, holding Sacred Circles and telling stories. It is a great prediction and a great thought.

We humans have an enormous intellectual capacity and great knowledge to do good with great love. Everything starts with us – from the inner desire to expand, evolve and heal ourselves and what is around us. It is a great gift to understand what unity means. With this year’s theme “One is Our Earth” we want to remember that we – 8 billion people, we all live on the same globe and we need to take care of it. 8,000,000,000 is a really wild number. And we all sit in the same boat (a Finnish saying) and we all travel on the same spacecraft called Tellus, sailing around the sun. We are part of a galaxy that is floating in the swirls of space inside a huge entirety. And we are all ONE, we are all equal and entitled to be here. When you think about this vastness and about the smallness of man it feels wild to think that we are just a small dot inside that vastness. The fact is, however, that man cannot live on the other planets of our solar system. We need all the elements that our planet provides: Air, Fire, Earth and Water. If any of these are missing, our life ends. This Unity embraces everything that this Earth carries, it embraces all other living beings and the breathing entity EARTH itself. How come this Earth produces everything that we need for living?

Unity starts with oneself and the acceptance of oneself as an entity that walks on this planet Tellus. So how are we using our time inside this spiral, this unique cycle of life? Are we demanding and criticising everything around us? Are we jealous, greedy and power-hungry? Do we think that our own thoughts and ideas are the very best ones? Is my God the best of them all? Are we downplaying ourselves and our skills, or could we show up and share our talents? Could we explore everything around us in order to learn from it and absorb those very things that support us and help us to deal with this unity? Could we be present in this moment, live in this great love, and take care of our own part in order for Mother Earth to be well.

The indigenous peoples have honoured these elements and themselves. They only took what they needed from the earth, respecting the Great Spirit that is present in everything. They understood that the earth does not need mankind, but the mankind needs the earth.

Do we have the will and the joint power to see beyond this destruction and abuse of natural resources? Can we see the Earth as a living, fertile, healthy and clean entity, without being attached with all the destruction and quarrelling? Can we work together, drum and breathe the healing power into ourselves and our environment? And above all, can we each contribute to our own wellbeing and that of Mother Earth by making our choices from the heart and by leaving the doubting mind behind?

This is Four Winds – an open and vibrant community helping everyone on their unique path. We bring together people from different cultures for dialogue and communal experience, to seek alternatives for self-development, to improve our relationship with nature, and finally to find ways to live in harmony with the universe.

“The wind doesn’t start anywhere, and is not ending anywhere. It is noted only by it´s touch.”

The Four Winds year “One Is Our Earth” brings along some great events.


9-10.2 Minä Olen -fair at Finlandia Hall. You can meet us at the table nr. 149 that we are sharing with Arto Ukko Hämäläinen.

28.3 “One is Our Earth” -movie night at Malmitalo, Helsinki, with two screenings. “Hundred Drums” is filmed at our 20. Anniversary Celebration Camp. It is directed and filmed by Ville Tanttu, the assistant director is Hedda Halinen, and it is produced by Sophia Ehrnrooth and Playart Productions. The other movie is called “The Journey” by Markku Lehmuskallio and Anastasia Lapsui. It tells about the life cycle of the Nenets people in Siberia. After the screenings we have a moment for sharing. Anastasia Lapsui, Markku Lehmuskallio and Virko Kolulahti are present at the event as the initiators of the discussion.  Tickets 7 €, buy in advance here.

10.5 “One is Our Earth” -concert at Malmitalo, Helsinki. On stage we will see Tuomas Rounakari, Charles Lawrence, Duo Hurme, Klava and Munnaripartio. The performers bring their talents to respect Mother Earth and to bring joy to our shared moments. Tickets 28 €, buy in advance here.

25-28.7 “One is Our Earth” summer event in Lappeenranta, Marjola
Wizards from around the world will come and share their new insights about the universe. Rainbow Eagle and his wife Mary will share the teachings of “The Peace Shield” and showing the crafting of traditional American Indian pearl jewellery. Charles Lawrence and Tuomas Rounakari will guide us on our personal journeys. Swami Atmananda Puri and Swamini Anuradha Puri are coming from India. And much more interesting!
The summer event is now a “luxury camp” that has been much hoped for.  Accomodation is hotel-style with own toilets and showers. Now you can gather 2-4 friends to share a room! The venue is on a beautiful peninsula on the shore of Lake Saimaa. For children there is a playground and a sandy beach, and we will have a space for swimming.
It is easy to arrive by train and bus. We will eat vegetarian local food.
More information about the bookings will be soon available at our website.

During the year we will organize New Moon drumming circles, as well as celebrating the equinoxes. Our members call circles together spontaneously.

Our new home page is open at

Have a look at the pages. I am grateful for all the feedback and whatever thoughts and hopes you have for the work of Four Winds.

Best regards,
Four Winds Tuki ry
Virko Kolulahti, pj.