Tree of life

I am that force of life as ray of hope to mankind.
My root of depth unknown to man.
Fed was I by sacred waters
from rivers of Mother Earth.
My bark of strongest faith,
my branches in salutation
in search of all creation to reach
the highest form of my existence.
My energy of sparks of fire
from great Father Sun.
Possessor of all energies above and under.
I seek, I reach, I behold, I render.

My talk reaches the Sun,
my heart beats with Mother Earth.

My blood flows in harmony with rivers
that maintain the freshness of life.
My branches reach the skies
saluting day and night.
the Universe in constant balance
of being and truth.
My roots point to the center of the Earth and
is so feel the warmth of it’s inner core.
Reaching the warmth in every man’s heart.
Emulate my branches and roots.
Stretch your arms in unisons with mine and together
we pray the sacred prayer of the Tree of Life.

(Charles Lawrence)