Four Winds

Four Winds is an organization looking for alternatives for modern people to live in harmony with the nature on Earth.

Nurturing the spiritual heritage of indigenous and aboriginal people and interaction between different cultures are important principles of our work. We work together with representatives of these people as well as the ones that come from different cultures and backgrounds and are now living in Finland. The roots of our Finnish culture and traditions are an important resource for our community.

Four Winds – the four points of the compass symbolise all the different cultures of humanity, and when they meet in the center they represent interaction and oneness.

This unity brings together all the different sides of life. It brings the modern times together with the traditions of indigenous people. It brings science together with spirituality. It brings together all the genders, ages and races and all of our relations.

We are an open community and we invite you to join us for dialogue and communal experience.

We have been organising gatherings and events since 1996.

Four Winds is a non-profit organisation.


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