Podcast 2: Community

ONE IS OUR EARTH – part 2: Community and Personal Transformation (20.3.2019) 55min

The second episode was published on the Spring Equinox day 20.3.2019 and features voices by Charles Lawrence, Virko Kolulahti, Anastasia Lapsui, Markku Lehmuskallio sekä Swamini Anuradha.

work group

translation: Elina Mäkilä
narration: Hanna Kaisa Vainio, Meri Hietala
journalistic editor: Sisko Pajari
editing: Kalle Kuisma ja Sisko Pajari
sound design: Kalle Kuisma

production crew

Kalle Kuisma, Sisko Pajari & Virko Kolulahti
Four Winds / Korppiradio

text paragraphs

Kiamars Baghbani: Kansantarujen iättömyydestä
Tarina Zähakista
From the book Neljän tuulen tiet (2007)

music and sounscapes

Charles Lawrence: Gaia
Charles Lawrence: Rhea


Nikolaj de Haan: Hemis Monastery, Ladakh


meisterjaan: shaman’s drum
inchadney: thunderstorm
inchadney: fireplace
xserra: santur (played by Peyman Heydarian)
xserra: bendir
xserra: arab-group-2
xserra: kerala
xserra: stockholm-parade
woodflutes: native american style flute in a
andre-onate: indra-slice
andre-onate: indra-call
kevp888: india-puja
kevp888: india-varanasi
kevp888: india-agra
calcuttan: tropical orchard in spring
calcuttan: kali-temple-soundscape
calcuttan: crows-of-calcutta
calcuttan: immersion-procession
calcuttan: flautist-mundiali

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