Inspired by Four Winds

We are inspired by: Nature, cultures, roots, folklore, ancient times, ancestors, ethno music, legends, indigenous people, spiritual movements, myths, world religions, animistic religions, alternative medicine, art education, world heritage, traditional chanting, traditional wailing, shamanism, dance, plays, poetry, ecologicity, vegetation, nature conservation, nutrition, craft, creation, and many other instructing!

You, too?

We are comforted by: Universal love, communality, individuality, interaction, tolerance, justice, collaboration, experience, emphasizing, expression, discovering, seeking, listening, telling, openness, courage, spirituality, dialogue, humanity, humaneness, eternal, soulfulness, consciousness of infinity, presence, past,  future, responsibility, respect, oneness, cordiality, empowering, emptying, fulfilling, healing, connection with nature, growing, renewing, slowing down, silence, introspection, dreams, symbolism, mandalas, myths, rituals, ceremonies, traditions, and many other exhilarating!

You, too?

We are walking with: The Great Spirit, love, light, energy, universe, Mother Earth, Mother Moon, Father Sun, Father Sky, spirits of nature, guides, companions, protectors, elements, cardinal directions, dimensions, lunar cycles, annual cycles, peace, and many other blessing!

You’re too? 

We belong with: Preservers of traditions, sages, prophets, healers, shamans, those who’re seeking, those who’ve found, curious, friends, loved ones, familiars and unfamiliars, old and young, and so many other great spirit!

You, too?

We’re organizing: Camps, nature excursions, retreats, advanced courses, lectures, concerts, social happenings, drumming sessions, sauna evenings, seminars, and so many other wonderful happenings. And in the future, we’ll walk  so many new and old paths together.

Join us! 


(text: Dia Hohdevirta, english translation: Tiina Pohjakallio)

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