Sacred Pipe Ceremony

Sunday 19th May at 10 am – 4 pm.
Charles Lawrence’s Sacred Pipe Ceremony and Full Moon Drum Circle,
Oulunkylä Old Wooden School, Teinintie 8.

45 € Four Winds members or 50 € otherwise. Send mail to tell that you will be there: info(at) / Paymenents: vweb shop or with cash on the door.

There’s a break so bring a lunch if you like. Tea and snacks available.

Spring Equinox Vision

A Recent Vision commands attending to: A vision of what might happen IF great numbers of us, around the world were to sit at an appointed time and delicate 2-3 hours of simply beating a heart beat, while deliberately directing that resonance into Mother Earth.

For those unfamiliar with this one’s personal history: 43 years ago I was given a ‘vision’. (In NW Native Tradition that is called a ‘Glimmering’ when that happens, the one who received the ‘call’ is sent off on a quest to fulfill and discover what the vision meant.) At That time, I was studying with Joseph Campbell, the now famous Mythologist. The Vision came while attending a lecture by him, the topic of the lecture ‘the Lakota myth of the Broken Hoop’. Approaching Joe, after the lecture, he listened carefully as he usually did. Then pronounced that I needed to set out to discover what the vision had for this one.

The Vision: What would / might happen IF we simply began to gather once again as Ancestors did at the 4 turnings of the Year; to Celebrate our lives and remember ‘Sacred relationship’ with all things! We are at core level, agrarian beings, simply another species of Being here on the earth. As most of you know, Native elders, Hopi, Coast Salish, Lakota, Seneca with whom I had become familiar, were most eager to assist this one in realizing the Vision.
43 years later, that Vision has assisted this one and many many others to ‘return to’ Our Mother. In particular here in USA, the Vision eventually led to the re-birth of an Ancient Shoshone Ceremony, their version of the fabled ghost dance, naraya. 28 years have passed since the re-birth of naraya and close to 1,000 persons a year now celebrate that ceremony of spirit Renewal.

An aspect of that original Vision assisted in birthing 4 winds, Finland, where we have entered our 23rd year of existence. I am privileged, now, to visit with family on Iceland where I have joined in their Sacred Circles that feed the spirits of the people!

There was no way of predicting what might unfold as this one followed, step by step,, noting when and where the next step appeared. The quality of the vision speaks for itself! Literally Thousands of individuals have benefitted from participating with varying aspects of the Vision and becoming infected with the commanding Spirit to truly attend to personal re-newal..

The NEW Vision; What might happen.. IF… dedicated persons sit in Circle, Dedicate that time to be in harmony with one another and beat, in unison..the Sacred Heartbeat. The crucial timing seems to be Equinox, Spring 2019. I am intent on leaving the details of timing to those of you on the naming list, who feel ‘called’ to participate with the experiment.

There is a wide span of time zones to be considered. yet, I recall an event “Harmonic conversion’ when thousands around the world participated. In the gatherings in which I participated, the dynamic Spirited JOY that we all experienced enhanced our lives in countless ways.

Something IS calling! A ‘Cry’ from Her! Who will join this Vision?

Please consider what I have put forth here. Does the ‘Cry’ hold any appeal for you? If so, can you become full-heartedly active and contact all your friends, students, collaborators to co-Create an Equinox gathering, Equinox, the balance time..equal light and dark. I imagine that collectively there are more than 2,000 drums we are connected to.

My Spirited Imagination says that those 2.000& Drums will be delighted to be called into Presence to Honor our Mother! This will be a person to person mobilization.. Iktomi, the great Spider, Weaver of the Sacred Web that is Life is calling us together!

Eager to hear your thoughts!

Charles  Lawrence

Spring equinox drum circles

Information about Spring equinox drum circles coming up!


Tervetuloa Kevätpäiväntasauksen rumpupiiriin Gitan luo Otalammelle, Vakkamäentie 219.
klo 21-01.

Pukinkangas, Iitti (Pukinkankaan laavu)

Keskiviikkona 20. maaliskuuta 2019 klo 23.00 – 1.00 UTC+02

Hämeenlinnan rumpupiiri

Kevätpäiväntasauksen juhla 20.3.2019 klo 18:00 – 01:00!!
Lunnikiven mökki, Hämeenlinna

Ilmoittautumiset ja lisätiedot:
Juha – 040 868 5549 / juha(at)

Tammisaaren rumpupiiri

Kevätpäiväntasauksen juhla
Villa Christine, Tenhola

Keskiviikkona 20.3.2019 klo 18.00- 00.30

Oulunkylä, Helsinki

Teinintie 8, 00640 Helsinki

Keskiviikkona 20. maaliskuuta 2019 klo 22.00 – 1.00

Ruotsinpyhtää – Strömfors

Alk. Klo 18 – 01
Pyhä Sauna klo 19
Rummutus, jne klo 21

I would like to gather folk together for a sacred evening of drumming, singing, eating, maybe dancing – and sacred sauna/sweat.

Drumming our prayers, sweating our prayers. Giving thanks for Mother Earth, for the seeds we have planted and are planting in the next moon time. we will make our prayers all night for each other, for our families, our ancestors, our descendants and most especially for Mother Earth. We will also make sacred commitment to some change- some peaceful decisive action in our selves for our culture for our descendants and Mother Earth.

We will be Creating and joining in on a vibration set around the world. During last late autumn I had an urge to deepen into the seasons, the turning of the wheel, the moon tides. And while dreaming it and thinking on this, I do believe Mr. Charles Lawrence dreamt also – and Lo!! He sent it out. So many thanks Charlie! We join together with Four Winds Association (not related to the USa group), Shamanic Centre of Finland, and many, many drumming circles around the world for a Re-Sounding of heartfelt, womb-felt, magical Spirit and Earth Mother led shout of Joy and Thank full – ness.

Hopefully lots of laughter, meeting of familiar faces and new faces. Only requirements are that this is an alcohol- & drug-free zone; and those attending bring a rattle or drum.

We are going to gather at our place and collect our energy into one community and part of global community. From there we have Sacred Sauna at the village sauna from 19:00 – 21:00 (cold water swimming too! :-D) and move over to Strömfors Outdoor Factory for some sharing of food and drumming, singing, dancing and connecting from 21-01 latest. Afterwards, folk can return home or sleep over (see below).

Costs: the sauna and the space cost approximately 200-250 euros or so. This will be divided by those who attend as well as Donation for the Sweat (meaning take care of me please, too). There is no maximum number really – except sauna: 8-10 if close-up. Of course you can come and NOT go to sauna! You won’t be alone.

After drumming – well, maybe sleep! Bring your own breakfast. Coffee and tea, maybe Saskatoons 5€.
Bring a mattress if you want to sleep on the floor for 5€ (room for only 4 in one room first come first served).
I have some prices If you want a bed and shower, own kitchen or shared kitchen and really sweet accommodations – contact:

Jaakko Salmi puh +358 (0)50 5867 215:
1 vrk 2 hlön huoneistossa 45 eur / hlö
lisävuorokaudet 25 eur / hlö.
1 vrk 3 hlön huoneistoissa 35 eur / hlö
lisävuorokaudet 20 eur / hlö.

Petra Makkonen at Villa Vallaton puh: +358 (0)40 5255 858
4 hengen huone:
2 kerrossänkyä tai kerrossänky ja parivuode. 25€/hlö.
2-3 hengen huone 30€/hlö.
1 hengen huone 35€/hlö
1-2 hengen Huone omalla Wc:llä 40€/hlö.
Sviitti parisängyllä, oma wc ja suihku 80€/yö Pieni asunto piharakennuksessa sis. keittiö, suihku ja wc. 3 vuodetta 45€/hlö.
Hintaan sisältyy petivaatteet ja pyyhe.
Suihku, wc ja keittiö yhteiskäytössä jos ei muuten mainittu.

Noora Lintukangas at Strömfors Outdoor Factory:
4 x 2 hengen huone
1 x 2hh, jossa on kylpyhuone ja wc
2x 3hh
1 x 5hh
35 € / hlö / yö (omilla lakanoilla 30 €) (sis. alv)
Yhteensä siis 21 makuupaikkaa. Käytävällä on inva-wc ja suihku sekä miesten ja naisten wc-ja suihkutilat (2 vessaa ja yksi suihku kummassakin).
Lisätietoa löytyy myös täältä:
Ja täältä:


Indicate: Sacred Sauna yes or no; mattress on floor (I let you know if you get it) or other sleeping arrangements; drumming or not.

I will continue to post updates on this site: Fine-tuning!
Reservations for just being there the evening- by 05.03

Tampere, Mahdollisuuksien tila

Mitä: Shamanistinen rumpupiiri
Milloin: 20.3. klo 21-24
Missä: Mahdollisuuksien Tila, Selininkatu 5, 33240 Tampere
Maksu: Vapaaehtoinen kolehti