ONE IS OUR EARTH – Podcast 1

YKSI ON MAA – episode 1: PLANET (19.2.2019) 41min

This first episode of the ONE IS OUR EARTH podcast series features voices by climate specialist Tero Toivanen, plus the Four Winds elders Markku Lehmuskallio, Anastasia Lapsui and Charles Lawrence. Languages: Finnish, Russian (translated to Finnish), English.


translation: Elina Mäkilä
narrators: Hanna Kaisa Vainio, Meri Hietala
journalistic editor: Sisko Pajari
sound design and editing: Kalle Kuisma

production crew

Kalle Kuisma, Sisko Pajari & Virko Kolulahti
Four Winds / Korppiradio

text paragraphs

Johannes Setälä: Samaanien Kalevala
from the book Neljän tuulen tiet (2007)

music and soundscapes

Tuomas Rounakari: Kutsu
Hopi Indian Chanters : Chant of the Eagle Dance
Charles Lawrence: I Send a Cry
Charles Lawrence: Return to the Earth

Pablo Salatin: Svalbard, Temple Fjord
A small wind flute shrine in memory of a storm we survived and others things
Vincent Duseigne: Brugge station
Wu.Tsan-Cheng: 復興路421號,Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City
Sylvia Shale: Lost Maples State Park, TX, USA
Lost Maples – Can Creek Pipe
John Hopkins: neoscenes: Echo Park campfire
speltier: Seymour Valley Trailway